Mishka the star of the show

Mishka is a princess!
I'm sure if there was a pea under her mattress she would... okay well she would eat it but that's not what I'm trying to illustrate here.   This little priss pot simply refuses to sit on flooring of any type!  She will find a way to climb on or in something to avoid direct contact with the floor.  This is often quite comical.

Mishka is as calm as they come (unless there is food or even the sound of a plastic bag involved).  When I look at her she makes me smile and laugh all the time.  She often sits that typical frenchie sit (hips relaxed not so "lady like") the tip of her tongue almost always sticking out of her mouth.  Mishka weighs in at 18lbs, she has the nicest coat I've seen on a frenchie.  She feels velvety, her coat is very short and thick, a lovely little lady. 




Seke is a beautiful very affectionate dog. She is the only frenchie I have that will fetch. The only thing she enjoys more than fetching, sunbathing and of course me ;-), is the hairdryer. OMG she loves the hairdryer. After her bath (she often bathes with Ohmi :-)) they walk in front of one another in an effort to get the hairdryer first. The name Seke is short for Skekelaga, her names origins are from Africa meaning Praise; rejoicing and is pronounced (seh keh LAH jah) or just (seh keh).  She is red fawn with a black mask weighing in at 16.5 pound.




Bijou is a black masked, red Frenchie, weighing in at a staggering 13lbs.  Huge personality! Bijou is our little jewel.  Bijou isn't like any Frenchie I've ever met.  She has the typical qualities of a Frenchie but with a bit of spunk.  She also is a tad rude (that's my fault). Who could say no to that face? Having a spoiled Frenchie is one thing but I'm afraid she is a little rotten :-O....

She is very athletic and by day enjoys running with the pack.  At night I'm usually on the computer and she plays by me.  When she gets tired, just like a small child, she comes to me with those big dark eyes wanting to be picked up to sleep in my arms.

This little one is a real doll she steals everyone's heart.  We've never made it down the street without being stopped.  She has grown so accustomed to the attention that she seems confused when someone doesn't stop.  



Ohmi is black, white with brindle traces.  He weighs in at 17 pounds. He's a mama's boy, he's always by my side. This little man has a big heart with lots of love to give. He gets along with everyone... man, beast & most of all the ladies. A real lady's man he tends to all his women here. He cleans their ears & faces. The women, however, don't return the favor. When it come to bath time, he is the only one with dirty ears, poor lil guy. He has an excellent demeanor, (though small at 17lbs) muscular nicely proportioned frame, very low energy, an all around cool little dude....Ohmi's parents are both black masked red frenchies weighing in at 15 & 18lbs