Welcome to MINI FRENCH BULLDOGS!. We specialize exclusively in “frenchies”. Our home’O frenchies is located in Charleston, South Carolina. We focus on the health, structure and of course size. Though we have labeled our babies as “mini” this tends to be a matter of opinion. Our adult dogs weigh between 13-18 pounds. According to the AKC breed standard guidelines the Frenchie is to not exceed 28 pounds. With that being said, our Frenchies sitting beside the average 24-28 pound Frenchie instantly got labeled as MINI.

When we first made the decision to offer our puppies to the public a friend whom is against “dog breeding” said to us, “There are so many dogs that need homes. Why would you want to breed your dogs knowing that you are taking potential homes from dogs that really need one.“ We do not want to take good homes from homeless dogs; however, we strongly feel that if pet owners sought out a personality appropriate breed there would be less homeless pets. That is why it is imperative that you get to know the mannerisms of the breed you wish to adopt.

In regards to homeless dogs, take a trip to your local pound maybe you will find a puppy/dog that will fit your personality/lifestyle as well as give a homeless dog a home.
Shelters in our area seem to consistently have pit bull mixes, as well as all the other high energy working breed mixes, for many people these breeds do not bode well as pets. Have you ever seen a frenchie at the pound?
This breed has proven to be an excellent companion and entertainer in our home (no TV needed here!). I give the French bulldog breed a tremendous amount of credit, but keep in mind I spend 98% of my time with my dogs. I’m sure this has a big impact on why they are very well adjusted & loyal little lovers. If a semi low energy little love muffin is what you are looking for then you are in the right place.